Using Email As A Communication Electronics Filter

With the vast amount of technology at our finger tips today, the ability to stay in touch with friends and family from any part of the world has been significantly increased. However, where there is new technology that enhances communication there is also enhanced unwanted communication. And in filtering out the unwanted communication you need a method of communication that will allow you to discern between communication you want and communication you do not want. No matter what form of electronic communication you use, there are typically built in tools that will allow you to filter through electronic communication more effectively. Some of the filters that are more common are filters that automatically place suspicious correspondence in a junk folder. Suspicious communication could be anything that is not listed in your specific contact list in order to filter out unwanted advertisements, possible phishing scams, or other malicious piece of communication. But, even with this type of filter sometimes communication will get through that is unwanted. If this is the case, then you can further block or mark the specific unwanted communication as junk or a phishing scam so any further attempts do not come directly to you in the future. There is only one problem with filtering through electronic communication this way, sometimes an email you may actually want could mistakenly end up in your mail marked as junk, so there’s no true catch all, but if you are expecting correspondence from someone that you have not previously communicated with it may be time to view your junk mail just in case. Otherwise, various instant messenger services work even better than electronic mail in communicating because these services limit correspondence even further to only specific contacts you add to your instant messenger service. This is often a preferred service to completely eliminate unwanted communications as well as communicate specifically who you want to communicate with in real time.