Implement A Communication Electronics Filter For Fun And Fortune

The Internet is an amazing invention. With a few mouse clicks, a person can find a long lost friend or a high school crush. Someone sitting in their office in San Francisco can communicate, in real time, and without actually speaking a word, virtually for free, with anyone in the world with an internet connection.

There are different ways people can communicate with one another. E-mail used to be the way to go, but social networking sites such as My Space and Facebook make E-mail sound quaint. Now, a person with a Facebook account can send anyone else connected to Facebook a message without even needing their E-mail address.

Social networking sites such as Facebook also make it possible for a person to communicate what they are up to on any given day, simply by posting the information on their Facebook page. Depending on how they set their page, anyone from the general public to only a select few can comment on each individual posting.

As exciting as this may sound, people also have to be careful about what they post. If they have not allowed their pages to be blocked, then, as stated above, theoretically any one in the world who is online can find out every detail the person posted.

Thus, a communication filter is advised. Sites such as Facebook have a mechanism by which a person’s details can be hidden from anyone who looks at the page. Thus, it is advisable that if you do not want the whole world to know everything about you, you should set the page so that only the people you want to be able to read your postings can.

Facebook and other social network sites advertise all over the internet. Thus, a way to profit on the communication is to advertise on the social network sites.