Get Your Parents to Communicate Better

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and if you’re interested in upping your communication with your ageing parents you’ve got some options. No doubt they’re likely tied to the phone but a few basic lessons online will have them surfing their clear internet at record speed.
Teach them about social networking: Many older individuals find the colorful and simple interfaces of Facebook and other social networking sites easy to operate. Teach them how to add friends, view photos and write messages.
Emailing is a snap: If your parents are still using a Yahoo! or Hotmail account you’ve got to get them over to Gmail, stat. The streamlined interface makes cataloging and mass emailing easier and they’ll likely use the phone less.
Location Based Apps: If you parents are particularly technologically inclined they may enjoy the novelty of location based software. Foursquare is a great place to start especially if they go to the same places many times a week. If they’re open to this you’re already halfway down the road to teaching them better online communication.

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